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This site contains information about Rabindra Sangeet, the songs of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), as well as the contributions of amateur singers of this distinctive genre. We provide complete lyrics (in Bengali and transliteration) and musical notation for this large repertoire, and guidelines for its interpretation. Our goal is to share information about Rabindra Sangeet with students, teachers, scholars and performers around the world, and spread knowledge of this still not-widely-known treasure. This site is a labor of love, with no commercial motive whatsoever, and encourages contribution. Read more »

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Elements of rabindra sangeet

Details of each Tagore song.

This section contains the details of each of Tagore's songs. Not only are the lyrics (in Bengali and English transliteration) and musical score (in Swaralipi notation) provided, but characteristics unique to Hindustani music (such as the Raag and Taal), and (in progress) transcriptions to Western "staff notation" and English translations of lyrics. We also list songs by Raag and Taal, and provide summary information about the origin of each song (e.g., its source collection, date of composition, etc.) in the "Notes" sections. For this key offering, we rely on only the most trustworthy, authentic sources.

Rabindra Sangeet-Tagore Song

Rabindra Sangeet performers!

We suspect that there are thousands of people in the world who can sing Rabindra Sangeet well, but, unfortunately, we do not know who they are, nor is there an established venue for their efforts. We hope to be such a venue, offering publication of their best work to the whole world. If you have devoted the time, effort, and dedication required to master the rules of interpreting Tagore's musical art, a difficult, rigorous, classical form in which the composer insisted on meticulous authenticity, we encourage you, after sampling the other contributions here, to submit your own.

If you sing Rabindra Sangeet you can publish your song in this website. Please send in your song.

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If you sing Rabindra Sangeet we invite you to send us your recordings for publication on this site. A large number of Rabindra Sangeet enthusiasts visit here daily, providing an opportunity for you to share your art with them. Please tell your friends and relatives about us!
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Green Geetabitan (A Non-Profitable Society)

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We are pleased to announce that is now registered Under West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961. now will work under their registered name Green Geetabitan. Green Geetabitan will work chiefly in the field of Rabindra Sangeet in various ways. Our prime target is being intensive research of Rabindra Sangeet and its better reproduction.
We are eager to be associated with everyone and pursue an intensive research work in the field of Rabindra Sangeet for a long time. Registration of membership will begin in the next financial year 2014-15.