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Who makes it dance


Author: Dr. Rita Roy Chowdhury

A column, titled Who makes it dance, written by Dr. Rita Roy Chowdhury on 17.09.2015.

This is Rita. I have witnessed 62 winters and at present standing on a grey zone. I have done my masters in Philosophy from Calcutta University with specialization in Psychology and Doctorate in Environmental Ethics. I retired from my position of Associate professor from Vivekananda College for Women Kolkata on the 31st of January 2013. I love to write, to read, listen to music and travel. Monsoon is my best season and so is off beat places near rivers. I am mother to a 29 year old son working at SBI and mother-in-law as well. My husband is Associate Professor at Maulana Azad College; his discipline is mathematics.

Mamo chitte niti nritye ke je naache
Taata thoi thoi, taata thoi thoi, taata thoi thoi,
Taari songe ki mridange sada baaje
Taata thoi thoi, taata thoi thoi, taata thoi thoi,

The whole universe is a single macrocosm pulsating in accordance with the rhythm arising from within Nature. Rhythm is a movement, like the flow of a mountain stream, sometimes garrulous and sometimes murmuring softly..., a concord, a patterned sequence of vibrations that is reflected in the harmony of the cosmos.

This universe of ours is not an accidental or coincidental agglomeration of things and events, but a delicately designed work of art put into rhythm by some eternal music maker. Tagore said, "…this world whose soul seems to be aching for expression in its endless rhythm of lines and colours, music and movements, hints and whispers, and all the suggestions of the inexpressible finds its harmony in the ceaseless longing of the human heart to make the Person manifest in its own creation". The finite mind is yearning to embrace the eternal within itself and lift its eyes to ask,

"Aamar milon laagi tumi aaschho kobe theke !
Tomaar chandraa surjyo tomaay raakhbe kothay dheke ?
Katokaaler sakaal saajhe tomaar charandhani baaje,
Gopane dut hridoy maajhe gechhe aamaay deke.
Ogo pathik, aajke aamaar sakol paraan byepe
Theke theke harash jeno uthchhe knepe knepe
Jeno samoy esechhe aaj phuraalo mor jaa chhilo kaaj
Batas aase, hey mohaaraaj, tomaar gondho mekhe"

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The world therefore vibrates. It vibrates in the dark when millions of stars twinkle in rhythmic splendour, when the full moon in regular intervals paint the night sky in liquid gold, when the seven colours of the rainbow suddenly change a dusky horizon. The rhythm of the cosmos can be witnessed in the regular change of seasons, from the exuberance of spring,

"…Dokhin haawa jaago jaago,
Jaagao aamar supto e praan.
Aami benu, aamar shaakhay
Nirobo je haay kato na gaan.
Jaago jaago.
Pother dhaare aamar kaara
Ogo pathik badhon haara,
Nritto tomar chitte aamar
Muktidola kare je daan..."

Tagore has expressed the florescence of spring in the sprightly playfulness of the ' champa ' and the ' karabi '

"…Sahosa daalpala tor utola je
O chnaapa o karobi
Kaare tui dekhte peli
Aakash maajhe
Jaani na je…"

The radiance of summer, the luxurious greens of the monsoon whose magic touch brings new life to the parched and dried,

"…Je sakhay phool phote naa, phal dhare naa ekebare,
Tomar oi badal baye dik jagaye sei shakhaare 
Ja kichhu jirna aamar, dirna aamar, jibonhaara,
Tahari stare stare paruk jhare surer dhaara 
Nishidin ei jiboner trishar pare, bhukher pare
Sraboner dharar moto paruk jhare, paruk jhare"

"The mellow fruitfulness of autumn and the desolateness of winter.

Life has its own rhythm which a multiplication table has not." This is the reason why the various elements of nature unite "… with themselves the surrounding physical nature in her hills and rivers, in the dance of rhythm in all her forms and colours, in the blue of her sky, the tender green of her corn shoots." we drink the nectar of this rhythm which is the reflection of the music maker., we are his canvas on which he makes his ceaseless creations.…

"Aamar maajhe tomari maaya jaagale tumi kobi 
Aapan mone aamari pote anko maanosh chhabi. 
Taapas tumi dheyaane tabo    ki dhekho more kemone kabo,
Aapan mone meghoswapano aapni rocho rabi. 
Tomar jote aami tomari bhaaber jaanhobi. 
Tomari sona bojhai holo, aami to tar bhela,
Nijere tumi bholabe bole aamare niye khela.
Konthe momo ki kotha shono    artha aami bujhi na kono,
Binate mor knaadiya othe tomari bhoirabi 
Mukul momo subaase tabo gopone sourabhi."

The essence of rhythm lies in the power of co-ordination between motion and rest, between night and day, the Yin and Yang, Between decay and regeneration. Rhythm is the passage of the moon gloriously emerges from "Nibiro ama timir …", or the intense dark period of the 'Krishna Paksha', to fill the earth with its soft beams of liquid gold,

"…Shukloraate chadero toroni
.Bhorilo bhora arupo phule, sajalo dala amorakule
Alor mala chameli-boroni."

The natural world has its own rhythmic structure that links the links the various aspects of the universe into a homogenous whole, a structure which is not a Procrustean bed but a ceaseless process which composes and decomposes, causes agreements and disagreements to give rise to a new structure. "The mountain pine grows tall and great but its every little fragment maintains the rhythm of an inner balance, and therefore even in its seeming extravagance it has the reticent grace of self control. They unite "…with themselves the surrounding physical nature in her hills and rivers, in the dance of rhythm in all her forms and colours, in the blue of the sky, the tender green of her corn shoots". In this rhythm is freedom, liberation…

"Nritye tomar muktir rup, nritye tomar maaya
Bishshotanute anute anute knaape nrityer chaya.
Tomar bishsho naacher dolay dolay bnaadhon poraay bnaadhan kholaay
Juge juge kaale kaale sure sure taale taale,
Anto ke taar sandhan paay bhaabite laagay dhando hey.
Namo namo namo.
Tomar nrityo amit bitto bharuk chitto mamo"

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