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Tagore song and its related elements: starts with alphabets below

গীতবিতান / রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত

anek kotha jao jey bole

গান: অনেক কথা যাও যে

বাণী, স্বরলিপি, পর্যায়, ইংরাজী অনুবাদ ও আরও অনেক কিছু

Notation of song. Also find Bengali lyric, English translation, english lyric, about background, staff notation and audio of this Tagore song.

Bengali lyric

অনেক কথা যাও যে ব'লে কোনো কথা না বলি।
তোমার ভাষা বোঝার আশা দিয়েছি জলাঞ্জলি॥
যে আছে মম গভীর প্রাণে     ভেদিবে তারে হাসির বাণে,
     চকিতে চাহ মুখের পানে তুমি যে কুতূহলী।
     তোমারে তাই এড়াতে চাই, ফিরিয়া যাই চলি।
আমার চোখে যে চাওয়াখানি ধোওয়া সে আঁখিলোরে--
তোমারে আমি দেখিতে পাই, তুমি না পাও মোরে।
তোমার মনে কুয়াশা আছে,       আপনি ঢাকা আপন-কাছে--
     নিজের অগোচরেই পাছে আমারে যাও ছলি
     তোমারে তাই এড়াতে চাই, ফিরিয়া যাই চলি॥

About the song

Parjaay : Prem
Taal : Dadra
Raag : Bhairavi
Written on : 1926
Notes : Nandini - daughter of Rathindranath Tagore - a toddler - used to babble around Gurudev which he seemed to enjoy very much. He used to tell her stories and listen to her apparenty meaningless babble. This song was dedicated to the "worthless" talkitive kid.

Notation (swaralipi)

Staff Notation of song anek kotha jao jey bole

This staff notation is currently not available. If you need this please mail us specifying the name of the song.

English lyric of the song

Anek Katha Jao Je Bole Kono Katha Na Bali
Tomar Bhasa Bojhar Asha Diyechhi Jalanjali
Je Ache Mamo Gabhir Prane Bhedibe Tare Hasir Bane
Chakite Chaho Mukher Pane Tumi Je Kutuholi
Tomare Tai Erate Chai, Phiriya Jai Chali
Amar Chokhe Je Chaoyakhani Dhoya Se Aakhilore
Tomare Ami Dekhite Pai, Tumi Na Pao More
Tomar Mone Kuyasha Ache, Apni Dhaka Apan Kachhe
Nijer Agocharai Pache Amare Jai Choli
Tomare Tai Arate Chai, Phiriya Jai Chali

English translation of the song

You talk so much speaking no words
To follow your language I have the last thing to do
He who is deep in my heart, you pierce with your giggling arrow
Flash your inquisitive eyes at his face
I ignore you so, turn back
My sight, that’s been washed with the desire for you.
I am able to see you thus, you are not
Mist covers your sight, concealed is you from yourself
Lest you trick me unconsciously
I ignore you so, turn back.
- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

You say so many things, I remain silent
I’ve given up hopes of ever understanding you.
You pierce with the arrow of your smile the one, who dwells in my heart, 
	You glance at the face, the curious you!
	That’s why I turn back avoiding you.
With the look in my eyes that is awash with desire 
I get to see you, but you don’t see me
There is mist in your mind, keeping you screened within you
Lest without knowing you deceive me 
I turn back avoiding you.
- Translated by Ratna De

Listen to this song

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