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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. In the year 2014 and 2015.

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'জ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
জগতthe entire world
জগত-জাগানোawakener for the entire world
জগতজনthe entire human race
জগতজননীmother of the world
জগতপতিmaster of the world
জগৎ-প্রভুmaster of the world
জগতমাঝেwithin the world
জগতমন্দির world that constitutes a temple
জগতসখাfriend of the entire world
জগৎ-সভাcourtroom of the world
জঙ্গমthat is capable of movement
জঞ্জালtrash, rubbish, items to be discarded
জনকজননিজননীmother of all parents
জনকল্যাণধ্যানীhe who is engrossed in philanthropic activities
জন্যfor, due to
জননীক্রোড়bosom of mother
জননীস্নেহaffection of mother
জনপদবধূmarried woman of locality
জন্মান্তরanother life, life after rebirth
জন্মান্ধinborn blind
জনমে-মরণেin the course of life and death
জন্ম-জনমান্তরfor several rebirths
জনসমাজhuman society
জটাcluster of hair that grows due to continued indiscipline or neglect
জটাজালbeing of clustered hair
জটাজূটsb. with clustered hair
জটানিঃসৃতemanating from clusterd hair
জপuttering or murmuring mantra
জবাJABA, hibiscus flower or its plant
জবাপুষ্পাঞ্জলিoffering deity Jaba flower
জমাsecure, pile up
জরাold age and associated disability
জরাজীর্ণতাold age and worn
জরাভারাতুরstruggling due to old age
জর্জরseverely affected
জলকলকলdelightful sound of flowing water
জলে-ডোবাsunk under water
জলদcloud, bass sound
জলদমন্দ্রdeep bass sound
জলধারাflow of water
জলধরমালাstring of clouds
জল-ভেজাdrenched with water
জল-ভরাfilled with water
জলস্থলwater-bodies and land masses
জলস্রোতflow of water
জুড়াইতেto soothe
জড়ানোmixed with, smeared with
জড়োcollect, gather, pile up
জড়তাhesitation, lifelessness, inactivity
জড়তাতামসbleak future due to inactivity
জড়ত্বনাশাending of inactivity
জয়win, hail for
জয়গাথাhailing chant
জয়গানhailing chant
জয়জয়ন্তীJAYJAYANTI, a raag of Hindustani classical music
জয়-জয়-রবhailing sound
জয়যাত্রাwinning streak, move for win
জয়ডঙ্কাwinning gong
জয়ধ্বজাwinning flag
জয়ধ্বনিhailing chant
জয়পতাকাwinning flag
জয়পরাজয়win and defeat
জয়বাদ্যwinner's music
জয়মালাwinner's garland
জয়রথwinning chariot
জয়রথচক্রমুখরnoisy with the sound of the wheels of winning chariot
জাগto wake up
জাগাto keep awake
জাগরণto keep awake
জাগরণগীতsong that keeps awake
জাগরণীsong that keeps awake
জানto know, known
জানাশোনাwhereabouts known, close enough
জামJAAM, Jambu, rose-apple

Bengali Word Meaning
জাহ্নবীthe river Ganges
জাহ্নবীযমুনাthe rivers Ganges and the Yamuna
জাহ্নবীবারিwater of the Ganges that is considered as holy
জায়গাspace, place, position
জিতto win
জীবliving beings
জীবন-আঁধারgloomy life
জীবন-কাজbusy life
জীবনকুঞ্জarbour of life
জীবনগানsong of life, harmony of life
জীবনে-যৌবনyouth and the animated life
জীবনেশ্বরgod of ones life
জীবনতীরbank of the river called life
জীবনতরীboat of life, life seen as a boat
জীবনদানgift of life
জীবনদোলাcrest and trough of life
জীবনধারাflow of life
জীবননাথmaster of life
জীবননির্ঝরfountain of life
জীবননদীlife seen as river
জীবনপাত্রlife as a container
জীবন-পারflipside of life
জীবনপথcourse of life
জীবনপদ্মlife seen as lotus
জীবনপ্রদীপlife seen as a lamp
জীবনবাঁশিতlife as a flute, harmony of life
জীবনবিস্তারexpanse of life
জীবনবন্ধনbindings of life
জীবনবন্ধুfriend of life, eternal friend
জীবনবল্লভlover of life, eternal lover
জীবনমাঝেwithin life
জীবনমিত্রfriend of life, eternal friend
জীবনমৃত্যু-সীমানায়at the borderline of life and death
জীবনমরণlife and death
জীবন-মরণ-ঝড়েturmoil of life
জীবন-মরণ-নাচেরdance of life and death
জীবনমরণবিহারীpertaining to the object that extends to the vast expanse of life and death
জীবন-রথthe chariot of life
জীবনলীলাdifferent manifestations of life
জীবনলোকthe world of living beings
জীবনলতাlife seen as a creeper
জীবনশেষend of life, entire life
জীবনসাগরlife seen as an ocean
জীবনসাঁজdusk of life, almost at the end of life
জীবনস্বামীmaster of life
জীবনসম্বলpossessions of life
জীবনসমর্পণoffering life
জীবনস্রোতflow of life
জীবনহারাa he who has lost life
জীর্ণold, over aged
জীর্ণ আবেশfascinations for conservative thoughts
জীর্ণকন্থাold rag
জুঁইJasmine, white flower or its bush
জুগিয়েto feed, to provide continuously
জুটালেgather, find
জেগেbeing awake
জেনেknowing, having knowledge on, to be informed
জৈনJain religion, follower of Jainism
জোছনারাতmoonlit night
জোটেto manage for self
জোরforce, forcibly, strong
জোড়put together
জোড়করhands put together
জোড়াrepaired, put together
জোড়হাতhands put together
জোয়ারhigh tide
জোয়ার-ভাঁটারhigh and low tide
জ্যৈষ্ঠJAISHTHA, second month of the Bengali calendar
জ্যোতিaura, radiance
জ্যোৎস্নাসুধাnectar of moonlight
জ্যোতিপ্রতিমাradiant idol
জ্যোতির্ময়ীf. radiant person
জ্যোতির্লোকradiant world
জ্যোৎস্নাধারায়sprinkling flow of moonlight
জ্যোৎস্নাবিবশtranquilized by delightful moonlight
জ্যোৎস্নারজনীmoonlit night
জ্ঞানknowledge, wisdom
জ্ঞানীwise man
জ্ঞানধর্মlogical wisdom
জ্ঞানমন্দিরtemple of wisdom
জ্ঞানসূর্য-উদয়-ভাতিillumination of the rising of the sun of wisdom
জ্ব’লেlight up
জ্বাল্light up
জ্বালাburning sensation, lit up