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Rabindra Sangeet Albums. Sung by the verified singers of this website. 150 talented singers & over 780 songs.

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Rabindra Sangeet Collections. Sung by the verified singers of this website. Nearly 500 unique Tagore songs.

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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. In the year 2014 and 2015.

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ঢ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ঢংsound of a large bell
ঢলিtilting as if without control
ঢলোঢলোblossoming, mature and beautiful
ঢাকlarge drum generally used in 'Puja'
ঢাকিa professional DHAAK player
ঢালbuckler, shield
ঢাল্pour, inclined
ঢুঁthrusting with horns

Bengali Word Meaning
ঢুকবto enter
ঢুলুsleepy, half closed eyes
ঢেঁকিa simple machine for breaking paddy using seesaw technique
ঢেলাsmall block
ঢেলেto pour, to provide abundantly, comprehensive
ঢোলpercussive drum