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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ও' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
he or she
ওইটুকুthat small amount
ওকিwhether that person
ওকেhim or her
ওগোO' dear
ওঠget up
ওদিকেthere, on the other hand
ও-পারbank on flipside of the river
ওপার-পানেat the flipside
ওমাO' mother
ওরof him or her
ওরেO' dear
ওলোO' dear (exchanged between female friends)
ওষ্ঠupper lip, lips
ওহেO' dear(addressed by an honourable person)
ওড়াto fly, to be airborne
ওড়েflies, becomes airborne
ওড়নাveil, part of clothing that covers the upper part and its end dangles