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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ঠ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ঠাঁইplace, space
ঠাকুরgod, deity, person of honour
ঠাকুরদাদাgrand father, elderly person
ঠাকুরমশয়priest, he who helps while offering 'Puja'
ঠাকুরানীf. honourable person
ঠিকright, correct
ঠিকানাaddress, limit
ঠিক-ঠিকানাthat can be predicted
ঠুনু-ঠুনুsound of a dancing anklet
ঠেসেoverdo, unrestrained