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25she boishakh 2014As a part of our journey, we have formed a non-profitable society Green Geetabitan®, the objectives of which is to serve Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers, upcoming singers, searching and supporting new talents, students working in this field of culture and many more across the Globe through our various sincere activities.

You are cordially invited to join our society. Your priceless support is what we need to make this project a comprehensive success for Tagore loving people living round the globe. We have a huge work plan although fund is the major hindrance. You can help the society by accepting membership, donating small funds, standing beside us as a sponsor, helping us to find sponsors and extending your hand with your expertise as a team member. Your wholehearted participation in any respect for the development of the society and other activities is highly appreciated. Read more

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Staff notation of Tagore song

Staff notations are closer to Western form of Music rather than the songs that are based on Hindustani Classical Music. Yet, we have decided to publish Staff Notations for as many songs as possible through this website for musicians and singers throughout who are not conversant with the Bangla Swaralipi. It is not possible, though, to convert some songs that are based on some typical style.

Because of the legato that is inherent with the songs we choose to present the lead with a Violin score and a basic chord structure as accompaniment so as to retain the fundamental structure of Rabindra Sangeet. Some minor alterations are brought in to produce the singing style. The default scale for these Notations is C, although, a change is always possible.

The Notations are presented in .pdf format and go with a midi for ready reference and quick listening.

We accept requests for Staff Notations, which can be sent one at a time. Do not send multiple requests, and please be patient while we prepare the score. You may mention the key of your choice in the form provided below.

Providing staff notation on request is one of our free services. We do not demand anything against this service. But this is requested that after receiving the staff notation people should acknowledge with a feedback whether our effort solves their need or not. So in this way we will be forced to improve our skill in future. As a result people will be benefited.


Staff notation of Rabindra Sangeet

Currently available Staff notations

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