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Tagore songs composed of Taal Dhamaar

List of related Tagore songs

Dhamar is a taal or rhythm pattern having fourteen beats or matras and not uniform in distribution across four divisions. Generally the tempo of these songs is moderately paced.

Beats: 14

Divisions: 3|2|2|3|4

Taali: 1, 6, 11

Khaali: 4, 8

Bol: I  ka   dhe   Te  |  dhe   Te  |  dha   0  |  ga   di   ne  |  de   ne   ta   0  I

Bol in Bengali

taal dhamaar


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List of Tagore songs under Taal Dhamaar.

The following is a list of sixteen songs comes under Taal Dhamaar.

  • Aji Raj Asone Tomare
  • Amriter Sagore Ami Jabo
  • Beena Bajao Hey
  • Dakicho Ke Tumi
  • Duware Bose Achi
  • Eto Anandadhwani Uthilo
  • Garob Mamo Horechho
  • Haroshe Jago Aji
  • Hiya Kapiche Sukhe
  • Hridimondirdware Baje
  • Jage Nath Jochna
  • Ke Re Oi Dakiche
  • Mamo Angane Swami
  • Nutan Pran Dao
  • Sajabo Tomare Hey
  • Sudhasagarotire Hey Esechhe


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