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Rabindra Sangeet sei bhalo sei bhalo
Sung by kaustav ghosh from Kolkata

kaustav ghoshWe feel pleasure to introduce this singer and proud to publish the songs sung by kaustav ghosh.

Musical profile of kaustav ghosh:

An architecture student of JU and a 'Sangeet Prabhakar' degree holder from the Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, he aspires to revolutionize 'Rabindra Sangeet Pedagogy' with special emphasis on 'Swalpa-Sruto' Songs.

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Kaustav started training in music at an early age from his mother Smt. Rupa Ghosh. His maternal grandfather Sri. Shakti Prasad Sarkar was trained under the patronage of Pandit A. T. Kanan and Vidushi Malabika Kanan, which contributed to a musical environment since childhood.

Kaustav's first stage of formal training began in 1997 at the age of 6 with Smt. Monica Bhattacharyya as guru, the primary focus being on Hindustani Classical Music.

In 1999, at the age of 8, he started learning Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Atulprasadi, Rajanikanta Geeti and Dwijendra Geeti along with continuing Hindustani Classical under the patronage of Smt. Indrani Bandopadhyay.

2005 onwards, he started focusing primarily on Rabindra Sangeet while discontinuing other disciplines of music.

In 2008, Kaustav started learning Rabindra Sangeet from renowned singer and teacher Smt. Apala Basu (Sen), alongside continuing under his previous guru.

An architecture student of Jadavpur University and a 'Sangeet Prabhakar' degree holder from the Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, he aspires to revolutionize 'Rabindra Sangeet Pedagogy' with special emphasis on 'Swalpa-Sruto' Songs.


Awarded the National Scholarship in Rabindra Sangeet from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for the term 2013-15.

Shortlisted in top 4 of the All India Radio Competition (Cat: Rabindra Sangeet) in 2011.

Finalist of 'Anandadhara Bohichhey Bhubane, 2009' organized by Nehru Children's Museum.

Winner of 'Surey Taaley 2010' organized by Gitabitan Praktani. 1st Runner-Up in 2009 and 2015. Prize winner in 2008, 2011, 2012.

Winner of 'Jadavpur Utsav 2007' in Rabindra Sangeet.

Winner of Rabindra Sangeet Competitions organized by State Bank of India in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2008.

Winner of 'Rajdanga Samanwoy Utsav 2005, 2007' in Rabindra Sangeet.

Runner-up at 'Aurobindo Institute of Culture' in Nazrul Geeti competition, 2009.

Selected to perform at 'Rabindra Prabhat 2007,08,09,10,11' organized by Nehru Children's Museum.

Playback experiences- 'Aalor Paakhi' (2007) from Cozmik Harmony, 'Borsha-Boshonto' (2011) from Music 2000 both based on Rabindra Sangeet; and 'Gurubandana' (2012) in the memory of Sri Sri Bishuddhananda Paramahamsa. Upcoming playback- 'Gandhorbo' and 'Godhuli', both feature films.

A regular performer on stage. Has performed at Science City Auditorium, Rabindra Sadan, G D Birla Sabhaghar, Sisir Mancha, Nazrul Mancha, Madhusudan Mancha, Gyan Mancha, Girish Mancha, Gorky Sadan, Aurobindo Bhaban- Shantiniketan and many more.


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