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Rabindra Sangeet tar bidaybelar malakhani
Sung by nanda basu from Kolkata

nanda basuWe feel pleasure to introduce this singer and proud to publish the songs sung by nanda basu.

Musical profile of nanda basu:

She started learning Rabindra Sangeet at 'Rabitirtha', an institution run by the legendary Suchitra Mitra and continued there for almost ten years. She also had training in Hindustani Classical music.

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Nanda Basu had started learning Rabindra Sangeet at the age of seven as she loved listening to these songs and her parents wanted her to learn Tagore songs.

She started learning Rabindra Sangeet at 'Rabitirtha', an institution run by the legendary Suchitra Mitra and continued there for almost ten years.

The last two years she had received training from Suchitra-di, which was a complete revelation. From this time onwards she could truly grasp these songs. Renditions, expression and meaning of Rabidra Sangeet started making sense.

On the final year at Rabitirtha, Shri Shantideb Ghosh was the examiner in the final exams and she stood first, feeling so elated to have been recognized by such an exponent.

She also had training in Hindustani Classical Music from Shri Debiprasad Mukhopadhyay. Learning Hindustani classical music helped her immensely to understand the nuances of Ragas and also shaped her vocal tone in a big way.

After passing out of Rabitirtha, she started learning from Smt Rama Mandal and later from Smt Pramita Mallick. Currently she is privileged to learn from Smt Apala Basu, who is training her in a matured rendering of Tagore music.

She had also performed at Rabindra Sadan Muktomancha for a few years after being selected through an audition.

She is a regular performer on 25 e Boisakh at Bidhan Nagar Sangskritik Angan, Salt Lake.

A couple of recordings have also been played at Tara Muzik some years back.

She had a lot of pleasure organizing shows with her friends and performed at Shishir Mancha and Kala Kunja.

She is into a full time job, music is and has always been her passion and she hopes to perform at different public shows and would make her audience love her music!


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Tagore song tar bidaybelar malakhani

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