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aanushthanik parjaay
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Aanushthanik parjaay
List of related Tagore songs

Aanushthanik means Ceremonial. All the songs under this parjaay refer to different ceremonies of the society.

There are twenty one songs related to this Aanushthanik parjaay. This class was created by Rabindranath. The order of the songs is same as the order are sorted by the poet himself and appear in the book 'Geetabitan'.

The first nine songs are also included in the upa-parjaay porinoy under puja parjaay.

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List of Tagore songs under Aanushthanik parjaay.

The following is a list of twenty one songs comes under Aanushthanik parjaay as classified in the book of Geetabitan. The order of the songs is same as the order was sorted by the poet himself.

  • Duiti Hridoye Ekti
  • Sudhasagarotire Hey Eseche
  • Ujjwol Karo He Aji
  • Duti Pran Ek
  • Sukhe Thako Ar Sukhi Karo
  • Dui Hate Kaler Mondira
  • Dujone Jethay Miliche
  • Je Taronikhani Bhasale
  • Shubhodine Eseche Dnohe
  • Sabare Kori Ahban
  • Ay Ay Ay Amader Angone
  • Marubijoyer Keton Urao
  • Ohe Nobin Otithi
  • Eso Hey Grihodebota
  • Phire Chal Matir Tane
  • Ay Re Mora Phasal Kati
  • Agnisikha Eso Eso
  • Eso Eso Praner
  • Biswarajaloye Biswabina
  • Diner Bichar Karo
  • Tomar Ananda Oi Elo 2

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