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Parjaay of Tagore songs

The word 'Parjaay' means - order, class or position. This section deals with the classification of Tagore songs.

Classification of songs was done by Rabindranath Tagore himself according to the subject of the songs and can be seen in the collection, the book 'Geetabitan'. They were classified in six Parjaays - Puja (offerings), Swadesh (Patriotic), Prem (Love), Prokriti (Nature), Bichitro (Amazing) and Anushthanik (Ceremonial). The first Parjaay, Puja, has twenty one upa-parjaays or sub-classes, Prem has two and Prokriti has six Upa-parjaays.

In the 'Geetinatya O Nrityanatya' (Opera and Dance Drama) section six dramas are included - Kaalmrigaya, Balmiki-protibha, Maayar-khela, Chitrangada, Chandalika and Shyama. Bhanusingha Thakurer Padabali is a series of Twenty songs written by the poet at an early age. Natyageeti is a section where songs written for several dramas are included. Jaatiya Sangeet is another section where songs to chant and praise for India have been chosen. Songs for offerings and prayers have been included in Puja O Prarthana section. Another section with some more cereminial songs have been created as Anushthanik Sangeet. The next section is Prem O Prokriti.

There are four appendices, the first one of which being an abridged version of Nrityanatya Maayar-khela. Porishodh, a abridged version of Shyama is in the second appendix. Nine songs are included in the third appendix which were once included in several books of Rabindranath as songs not written by him. In the last part six songs are included which were never published before.

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List of parjaay used in Tagore song.

Click any parjaay below to get a list of songs under each parjaay and upa parjaay classified by Rabindranath and also some explanation about the parjaay and upa-parjaay. Four parjaays have upa-parjaay i.e. puja, prem, Prakriti and Geetinatya O Nrityanatya. Rest of the parjaays has no upa-parjaay.

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