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Boishakhi Pronaam 2014
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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. In the year 2014 and 2015.

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Musical event on Rabindra Sangeet
Boishakhi Pronaam 2014

Organized by on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh, the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Kobi Guru Rabindranath Tagore.

This is our first musical event on Rabindra Sangeet 'Boishakhi Pronaam 2014' was held on 10.05.2014 in collaboration with Shib Mandir Durga Puja committee. 30 talented and renowned singers did perform on stage. Sourav Ganguly, a devoted researcher on Rabindra Sangeet, has made a short speech to the audience. Tirtankar Choudhury did perform with an instrument, Mouth Organ. We feel honored that singers like Apala Basu Sen, Chaiti Majumdar, Ranjini Mukhopadhyay, Jayati Acharyya, Pubali Debnath and Kaji Kamal Nasser and other singers who have brightened our musical evening with their golden voice. We are also thankful to Rana Dutta (Keyboard), Goutam Chowdhury (Tablas), Abhijit Banerjee (Percussion), Suparna Goswami (Host) and Hasi Panchal (Sound) for their kind support.

Very special thanks to ParthaDa and other members of Shib Mandir Durga Puja Committee.

Very special thanks to Moitreyee Banerjee for designing the Backdrop of the stage.

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