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raag marwa

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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. In the year 2014 and 2015.

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Detail information about Rabindra Sangeet. All the lyrics, notations, background history with detail musical compositions, English translation and many more.

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Tagore songs composed under Raag Marwa

List of related Tagore songs

Marwa is the sixth Thaat for Hindustani Classical music. It uses Komal (flat) Rishav, Komal (flat) Dhaivat and Tivra (sharp) Madhyam along with all other notes natural in a scale or Sa re Ga ma Pa Dha Ni.

Not all Raags under it have the same combination of notes.

Songs have been composed using a pure Raag or in combination of other Raags.

The bottom of the list shows that Tagore songs are composed where Hindustani Raags are combined with traditional and regional forms of Bengal.


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List of Tagore songs under Raag Marwa.

The following is a list of nineteen songs comes under Marwa and in combination of other Raags.


  • Aji Borisonomukharita
  • Namo Namo Namo Namo Tumi
  • Se Kon Boner Horin


  • Agraha Mor Adhir Ati
  • Ami Dekhbo Na
  • Chi Chi Mori
  • Je Amare Pathalo
  • Ki Bedona Mor
  • Lajja Chi Chi Lajja
  • Prothom Adi Tabo Sokti
  • Rajbhaboner Somador Samman


  • Ghumer Ghano Gahon


  • Hey Nirupoma Gane

Mishra Sohini

  • Adhek Ghume Nayan Chume
  • Kon Chalona E Je

Mishra Pancham / Sohini

  • Hridoymandire Pranadhish

Mishra Paraj-Basanta

  • Ananter Bani Tumi

Mishra Paraj

  • Ke Amare Jeno


  • Apon Hote Bahir Hoye


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