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Tagore songs composed in Other styles

List of related Tagore songs

Songs under this category exhibits tunes of various styles. The diversity is a definite resource which indicates the profound interest of Rabindranath in traditional songs and also a mind that was free from prejudice.

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List of Tagore songs under other styles.

The following is a list of twenty songs comes under Other styles.

Ramprasadi Tune

Ramprosad Sen, An eighteenth century poet of Bengal, had written and composed numerous devotional songs. His songs addressed the Hindu Goddess Kaali hence called Shyama Sangeet. He had developed a style that was unique in terms of tune. They are simple yet do not conform to Hindustani Raags. Rabindranath Tagore had composed a few songs which adopted Ramprosadi Style.

  • Amii Shudhu Rohinu Baki
  • Amra Milechhi Aj Mayer
  • Dekhbo Ke Tor
  • Priye Tomar Dheki Hole
  • Shyama Ebar Chhere Cholechhi


Saarigaan is a typical folk style of Bengal exhibited mainly by boatmen. These songs are characterized by their rhythmic movements which seem to imitate the pulsating movements of oarsmen. The river, boat, long-time estrangement etc. are generally considered as subjects of these songs and often have double meaning. Rabindranath used this style in his songs.

  • Ebar Tor Mora Gangey
  • Tomar Khola Hawa Lagiye


Narsing Mehta, a fifteenth century poet of Gujarat had written more than twenty two thousand padas. Pabhatiya is one of the three categories of his creations. Rabindranath may have been exposed to this music while his brief stays in Gujarat in his younger age.

  • E Ki Andhokar
  • Jao Re Anontodhame
  • Kotha Achho Probhu
  • Nomi Nomi Bharoti Tabo


Each item pertaining to Classical Instrumental music (mainly Sitar) has a basic song known as Gat. Obviously these songs are based on certain raags. The songs listed below are based on Raag Desh and Gour-Malhar respectively.

  • Eso Shyamalosundaro
  • Mor Bhabonare Ki Haway


Tarana is an improvisation that is presented after a Khayal has been sung. This fast passed variation is composed with illegible words like 'Dim', 'Tara', 'Tom', 'Dara' etc. and exhibits complicated maneuvers in terms of Tempo (Lay), composition and pronunciation skills.

  • Aho Aspordha Eki
  • Charachar Sakoli Miche
  • Hay Ke Dibe Ar
  • More Bare Bare Phirale
  • Oi Pohailo Timirorati
  • Sukhohin Nishidin


Dhoon is a composition where a Folk tune is converted into Classical style.

  • Dibanishi Koriya Jaton

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