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Taal Baitalik

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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. In the year 2014 and 2015.

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Tagore songs composed of Boitalik or Mukta Chhando


Boitalik means having no Taal or rhythm pattern. The songs listed below are sung without rhythm accompaniment because the rhythm in these songs is not conventional.

They are also said to be in 'Mukta-chhando' because they are not bound by a meter of known type, although the notation of them follow a definite pattern.

These songs are often elaborate and marked by distinctive styles.

The tempo of these songs is generally very slow.

There are some other songs which are often sung without rhythm assistance. We exclude them from the list as these songs are originally associated with some Taal or Rhythm pattern.

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List of Tagore songs under Baitalik.

The following is a list of twenty two songs comes under Baitalik.

  • Abhoy Dao To Boli
  • Aj Jemon Kore Gaichhe
  • Andhojone Deho Alo
  • Bajao Re Mohon Banshi
  • Baro Bishmoy Lage Heri
  • Baro Thaki Kachhakachhi
  • Choleche Chutiya Polataka
  • Din Phuralo Hey
  • Dure Kothay Dure
  • Hridoybasona Purno Holo
  • Jaowa Asari Ei Ki Khela
  • Khelar Sathi Bidaydwar
  • Ki Dhwani Baje
  • Ki Jani Ki
  • Ma Mit Kil Twang
  • Pache Cheye Bose
  • Sakal Janam Bhore O Mor
  • Shubhro Probhate Purbo
  • Shudhu Tomar Bani Noy
  • Swapan Jodi Bhangile
  • Swarge Tomay Niye Jabe
  • Tobu Mone Rekho

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