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Taal Khemta

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Tagore songs composed of Taal Khemta


Khemta is a taal or rhythm pattern having twelve beats or matras and uniform in distribution across four divisions. It is moderately paced for Rabindra Sangeet generally.

Beats: 12

Divisions: 3|3|3|3

Taali: 1, 4, 10

Khaali: 7

Bol: I  dha   te   Te  |  na   dhi   na  |  te   Te   dhi  |  na   dhi   na  I

Bol in Bengali

taal khemta


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List of Tagore songs under Taal Khemta.

The following is a list of twenty seven songs comes under Taal Khemta.

  • Aj Asbe Shyam Gokule
  • Akashe Tor Temni Ache
  • Amar Bela Je Jay Snajh
  • Amar Ei Ricto Dali
  • Amar Ei Ricto Dali
  • Amar Kontho Hote
  • Amar Malar Phuler Dole
  • Amar Moner Majhe Je Gan
  • Ami Jabo Na Go Omni
  • Amra Khuji Khelar Sathi
  • Aro Aro Probhu
  • Bol Golap More
  • Boli O Amar
  • Chale Chalo Chalo
  • Chand Haso Haso
  • Era Porke Apon
  • Kal Sokale Uthbo
  • Keno Re Chas Phire
  • Man Abhiman Bhasiye Diye
  • O Dekhbi Re Bhai
  • O Keno Bhalobasa Janate
  • Ogo Tomra Jato Parar
  • Or Maner E Bandh
  • Path Bhulechis Satyi
  • Phule Phule Dhole Dhole
  • Shuno Lo Shuno Lo Balika
  • Shuno Nolini Kholo Go


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