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words starting with 'ভ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ভ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ভইbr. happens to be
ভইলbr. happens to be
ভকতdevotee, ardent follower
ভকতবৎসলhe who cares for his followers
ভকতিto respect, to show reverence
ভক্তdevotee, ardent follower
ভক্তচিতmind like a devotee
ভক্ত-পানেtowards devotee
ভক্তপ্রাণdevout soul
ভক্তবন্ধুfriend of devotee
ভক্তবৃন্দdevotees in group
ভক্তহৃদয়পুষ্পনিকুঞ্জflower garden within a devoted heart
ভক্তহৃদিবিকাশdevelopment of devoted heart
ভকতহৃদয়devoted heart
ভক্তিto respect, to show reverence
ভক্তি-অমৃতnectar of reverence
ভক্তিপাবনpurifier of reverence
ভক্তিবাঁধনbinding of reverence
ভক্তিবিহীনwithout reverence
ভক্তিভরেwith reverence
ভখিto consume
ভগনto break
ভগবনaddressing an individual with eight fold wealth in his character
ভগ্নবুকbroken heart
ভঙ্গি / ভঙ্গীgesture, dance movement
ভঙ্গিনিf. with gesture
ভজনglorifying songs
ভজনাsing glorifying songs
ভজিto sing glorifying songs
ভণেbr. says
ভনয়েbr. to say
ভবearthly, mundane
ভব-অরণ্যearth interpreted as forest, complicated world
ভবকোলাহলmundane cacophony
ভবখণ্ডনeliminator of mundane bindings
ভবগহনearth interpreted as forest, complicated world
ভবদারাname of Hindu goddess - Kali, wife of god - Shiva
ভবনhome, house, building
ভবনকোণcorner of house
ভবনতলেwithin house
ভবনদ্বারdoor of house
ভবনমেbr. within house
ভবনশিখীpet peacock
ভবপারাবারপারacross the mundane ocean
ভবপারacross the mundane ocean
ভবভাবনাmundane thoughts
ভবশরণsafe heaven in this world
ভবসংসারmundane world
ভবসংসারবাতায়নতলেbeside the window of this mundane world
ভবসাগরocean of the mundane world
ভবসাগর-কিনারেbeside the ocean of the mundane world
ভবসিন্ধু-কিনারেbeside the ocean of the mundane world
ভমরblack wasps, bumblebee
ভরgetting support, support
ভর'to fill
ভরাflower basket
ভরমillusion, mistake
ভরিto fill, filled
ভরোভরোalmost filled
ভর্ৎসনাto rebuke, to scold
ভস্ম-'পরেupon ashes
ভড়কালিstupefaction, to be stupefied
ভয়fear, anticipation of an evil
ভয়কারীdreadful, scary
ভয়ঙ্করdreadful, scary
ভয়ঙ্করীdreadful, scary
ভয়চঞ্চলagitated due to fear
ভয়দায়িনীf. who instills fear
ভয়বাধাhindrance due to fear
ভয়বিভলাf. sb. having expression of fear
ভয়ভঙ্গুরভঙ্গিনীwho breaks down to fear
ভয়ভাঙাto free from fear
ভয়-ভাবনাfear and anxiousness
ভয়ভারthe amount of fear
ভয়রোমাঞ্চদানgift of thrill
ভয়হরhe who eliminates fear
ভয়হরণeradication of fear
ভয়ংকরdreadful, scary
ভয়াকুলafraid, scared, horrified
ভয়ার্তafraid, scared, horrified
ভয়ালdreadful, scary
ভাইটিaffectionate calling to brother
ভাঁটাlow tide, recession
ভাগpart, split, share, drive out
ভাগাইনুto drive out, to chase out
ভাগিto run away
ভাগীowe a share
ভাগ্যluck, fortune
ভাগ্যতরীraft of fortune
ভাগ্যদেবীgoddess of fortune
ভাগ্যবতীf. fortunate
ভাগ্য-রাতgloomy fortune
ভাগ্যহতperson with bad luck
ভাঙ'break, shatter
ভাঙনbreach, breakage, crack
ভাঙাগড়াto break and make alternately
ভাঙা-গড়া-খেলাgame of breaking and making
ভাঙাচোরাworn out and broken, dilapidated
ভাতrice, food
ভাতিillumination, show up
ভাদর / ভাদ্রBHADRA, fifth month of the Bengali calendar, autumn season
ভাদরবাদরrain in the month of Bhadra
ভাদ্রদিনেরpertaining to the days of Bhadra month
ভানto feign, to pretend, pretence
ভানুBHANU, pen name of Rabindranath
ভানুসিংহBHANUSINGA, pen name of Rabindranath
ভাবthinking, expression, to think
ভাব-উচ্ছ্বাসexuberance of expression
ভাবনাস্রোতcourse of thoughts
ভাবাকুললোচনাf. with eyes full of expression
ভাবে-ভোলাhe who ignores his responsibilities and desires
ভারweight, severe effect
ভারতBHARAT, India
ভারত-অরণ্যেwoodlands of India
ভারতকায়body of India
ভারতবিমানflying history of India
ভারতভাগ্যবিধাতাregulator of the fortune of India
ভারতভূমিIndian land
ভারতলাজpride of India
ভারতীsaying, SARASWATI, Hindu goddess of learning
ভারিconsiderably effective
ভালforehead, luck
ভালোমন্দgood and bad
ভালোমানুষgood people
Bengali Word Meaning
ভাষlanguage, speech
ভাষলbr. to speak
ভাষয়িbr. to speak
ভাষাlanguage, speech
ভাষাহারাhe who has lost speech, expressionless
ভাসto float, to be engulfed
ভাসাto float, to be engulfed
ভাসান-খেলাwhere immersion of idol is performed
ভিক্ষা / ভিক্ষেto beg, beggars' yield
ভিক্ষাঝুলিbeggars' bag
ভিক্ষাভরাfull of beggars' yield
ভিক্ষাভূষণclothing of beggar
ভিক্ষুBuddhist monk, beggar
ভিজেwet, soaked
ভিটাancestral home or land property
ভিতর-সভারinner court
ভীঁখতbr. to drench
ভীতfrightened, scared
ভীষণমধুরfearsome and delightful at the same time
ভুঁইground, earth
ভুঁড়িfat tummy
ভুঁয়েground, land, earth
ভুজঙ্গপ্রয়াতa twelve letter metering of Sankrit poems
ভুজপাশencircling arms
ভুঞ্জto take, to enjoy, to eat or drink
ভুবনearth, world, universe
ভুবনচরাচরentire universe
ভুবনজোড়াspread across the universe
ভুবনতলেon the earth
ভুবনবাসীdweller of the earth
ভুবনবীণাearth interpreted as a Veena
ভুবন-ভরাearth loaded with
ভুবনভরসাassurance on the earth
ভুবনমন্দিরearth interpreted as a temple
ভুবন-মনো-চোরাhe who secretly wins heart of the world
ভুবনমনোমোহিনীf. fascinating for all hearts in the world
ভুবনমাঝারেwithin the world
ভবনমাঝেwithin the world
ভুবনমোহনfascinating to the world
ভুবনমোহিনীf. fascinating to the world
ভুবনলোকmortal world
ভুবনেশ্বরgod of the universe
ভুরুযুগthe pair of eyebrows
ভুলmistake, error, to make mistake, to forget
ভুল-ভাঙাto correct an error, to correct a misconception
ভুলময়full of errors
ভূলোকmortal world
ভূতলেground, earth
ভূতল-জল-অন্তরীক্ষ-লঙ্ঘনto overcome land-water-space
ভূধরearth, land
ভূপালিBHUPALI, a Hindustani raag
ভূবিবরণভাণ্ডারীhe who is (seems to be) a storekeeper of all earthly matters
ভূবর্লোকthe sphere above mortal world, sky
ভূমণ্ডলspace on the earth
ভূমানন্দময়full of joy of being great
ভূমিland, earth, ground
ভূমিতলground, earth
ভূমি'পরon the ground
ভূমিশয়ন-'পরlying on the ground
ভূমিশয়ানlying on the ground
ভূমground, earth
ভূরি ভূরিseveral, lots of
ভূর্জপাতাpieces of fine bark of BHURJ tree that was once upon a time used as writing material
ভূর্লোকmortal world
ভূষণornament, adornment
ভূষণবিহীনwithout ornaments, unadorned
ভূষণ-বেশেdisgiused as ornaments
ভূষণভারburden of ornaments
ভৃঙ্গ-সমlike bee, like bumble bee
ভেগেছেhas run away
ভেঙেচুরেdestroying completely
ভেদdiscrimination, penetration
ভেবেthink, thoughtfulness
ভেরিরবsound of bugle
ভেরীbugle, sound of a bugle
ভেলbr. happens to be
ভেলাraft, indigenous boat
ভেসেto float
ভৈঁরোরাগBHAIRON, Bhairav, musical format of Hindustani classical for morning time
ভৈবেbr. shall be
ভৈরবBHAIRAV, musical format of Hindustani classical for morning time, 2. dreadful
ভৈরবতানmusical movement of Bhairav
ভৈরবভেরীdreadful sound of bugle
ভৈরবীBHAIRAVI, musical format of Hindustani classical for morning time
ভোগlavish enjoyment, to enjoy
ভোগীরhe who enjoys
ভোর1. dawn, 2. fanatical
ভোর-আলোtwilight of dawn
ভোরবেলাdawn time
ভোরবেলাকারpertaining to dawn time
ভোলাto forget, he who is forgetful
ভোলাভুলিthe state of being forgetful
ভোলামনforgetful mind, addressing oneself - language of minstrel
ভ্রমillusion, mistake
ভ্রমরblack pollinating wasp, bumblebee
ভ্রমরগীতিসমsimilar to delightful buzz of wasp
ভ্রমরগুঞ্জনdelightful buzz of wasp
ভ্রমরগুঞ্জরাকুলechoing delightful buzz of wasp
ভ্রমরচরণভরlightweight like the feet of a wasp
ভ্রমিto travel
ভ্রাতৃপ্রেমlove for brother
ভ্রান্তmistake, erroneous
ভ্রূভঙ্গতরঙ্গwave of frowning