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words starting with 'ফ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ফ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ফক্কা fail and may be harmful
ফল fruit, result, to get result
ফলন yield from plants, crop
ফলাফল result
ফলাবার to produce, to yield result
ফসকাবে would slip away
ফসল crop
ফসলখেত crop-field
ফাঁক gap, recess
ফাঁকি gimmick, cheating
ফাঁকতাল by virtue of an advantage
ফাঁদ trap, conspiration, to make a ploy
ফাঁপা hollow
ফাঁসি hanging till death
ফাঁসিয়ে false accusation
ফাগ ABIR, GULAL, dry pigments used in HOLI festival
ফাগুন PHALGUN, eleventh month of the Bangali calendar, spring
ফাগুনগুণগীত songs to describe spring
ফাগুনচোত PHALGUN and CHAITRA, months of spring
ফাগুন-দিন spring time
ফাগুনবাতাস breeze of spring time
ফাগুনবেলা spring time
ফাগুনরাতি spring night
ফাগুনশেষ end of spring time
ফাগুনসমীরণ breeze of spring time
ফাগুন-হাওয়া breeze of spring time
ফাটা-ফুটো torn and with hole, dilapidated
ফাটি exploded, torn
ফাল্গুন PHALGUN, eleventh month of the Bangali calendar, spring
ফাল্গুন-উপবন garden in month of Phalgun
ফাল্গুনী pertaining to the month of Phalgun
ফাল্গুনপূর্ণিমা full-moon in the month of Phalgun
ফাল্গুন-হাওয়ায়-হাওয়ায় with the breeze of Phalgun
ফির to roam about, to return, to look back
ফিরই br. to roam about, to return
ফিরে-আসার to return
ফিশ fish
ফুঁ air blowing through mouth, sound of air blowing through mouth
ফুকরয়ি br. to scream
ফুক্‌রে to scream
ফুকারবে br. to scream
ফুট to blossom
ফুটই br. to blossom
ফুটে-ফুটে abundantly blossoming
ফুটো hole, having a hole or crack
ফুরায় finish, exhaust, end
ফুল flower
ফুল-আকুল-মালতী-বল্লি eager branch of MALATI with lots of flower
ফুলকানন flowering garden
ফুলকুল entire stock of flowers
Bengali Word Meaning
ফুলগন্ধ fragrance of flowers
ফুলগন্ধনিবেদনবেদনসুন্দর beauty with soulful fragrance of flower
ফুলচন্দন puja offering, flowers and sandal
ফুল-জাগানো to stimulate florescence
ফুল-ঝরা dropping of flowers
ফুলডালা round trey for flowers
ফুলডালি flower basket
ফুলডোর adorned with flowers
ফুলদল petals of flowers
ফুলধনু bow made of flowers carried by the Hindu god MADAN
ফুলন্ত blooming, full of flowers
ফুলপল্লব flowers and leaves
ফুলপল্লব-গীতবন্ধ-সুন্দর-বরনে flowers leaves music fragrance all with delightful colours
ফুলপাত petals of flowers
ফুলপাশ floral band, garland
ফুলফল flowers and fruit
ফুল-ফোটা blooming of flowers
ফুলবাগান flower garden
ফুলবাণ floral arrow, the Hindu god - Madan - is known to carry floral weapons
ফুলবালা flower maid
ফুলবাস fragrance of flowers
ফুলবন flower garden
ফুলভার load of the amount of flowers
ফুলমঞ্জরী immature flower, bud, cluster of flowers
ফুলময় filled with flowers
ফুলমালা floral garland
ফুলরাশি entire amount of flowers
ফুলশর bow held by Hindu god MADAN made of flowers
ফুলশয়ন lying over flowers, one of the Hindu marriage ritual
ফুলসাজ adorned with flowers
ফুলহার firewall garland
ফুলি to blossom, to inflate
ফুলিয়ে to inflate
ফুল্ল flowering
ফুল্লবন woods full of flowers
ফুল্লমন delightful state of mind
ফেকলি br. to throw, to toss, to discard
ফেনা foam
ফেনিয়ে to form foam
ফের once again, to roam, to return
ফেরই br. to roam about, to return
ফেরনু br. to roam about, to return
ফেরা roaming, to return
ফেরাও to ask to return
ফেরাফেরি roaming, movement of public up and down
ফেল্‌ to drop, to discard, to complete
ফোঁটা drop of liquid, very small amount
ফোটা efflorescence, blooming, blossoming
ফোটাও to help blooming
ফোয়ারা spring often manmade