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words starting with 'গ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'গ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
গইলbr. gone
গগনsky, horizon
গগন-অঙ্গনsky seen as the courtyard
গগন-অঙ্গন-আলোকillumination across the courtyard of the sky
গগন-উৎসবপ্রাঙ্গণfestive garden across the sky
গগনকিনারাone end of the horizon
গগন-জোড়াspread across the sky
গগনময়all along the sky
গঙ্গাthe Ganges, flow of holy water
গঙ্গাধারাflow of holy water
গণা to count or calculate, counted, calculated
গণিয়াby means of counting
গণ্ডূষhandful (of liquid)
গতbygone, lost, devoid of
গত-অস্তাচলdown the horizon
গতগৌরবlost glory, glory that no longer exist
গতজন্মlast rebirth
গতিmotion, solution
গতিরাগthe art of motion
গতিহীনmotionless, immobile
গদগদexpression for being thankful
গদিরsoft mat to sit or sleep on
গন্ধfragrance, smell
গন্ধ-আঁচলfragrant veil or part of clothing
গন্ধকেশর-মাঝেsurrounded by fragrant pistil
গন্ধগহন-সন্ধ্যাকুসুম-মালাgarland of deeply fragrant evening flowers
গন্ধচন্দনaromatic sandalwood or its paste
গন্ধধূপfragrant incense
গন্ধবারি / গন্ধসলিলfragrant water
গন্ধবেদনsmell that evokes painful memory
গন্ধভরেfilled with aroma
গন্ধভারload of fragrance
গন্ধ-ভেলাfragrance imagined as a raft or messenger
গন্ধমদভরেfilled with exiting aroma
গন্ধশ্বাসfragrance of exhalation
গন্ধসুধাthe nectar of fragrance
গন্ধস্রোতflow of aroma
গন্ধরঙbeauty of fragrance and look
গন্ধরেখাimaginary line which smell seems to follow
গন্ধে-বিধুর / গন্ধবিধুরemotional with aroma
গভীরdeep, profound, rich
গভীরতিমিরমাঝেin the deep darkness
গভীরদারিদ্রভঞ্জনeradication of extreme poverty
গভীরনিদ্রাগমনentering deep sleep
গভীরাf. deep, profound, rich
গমনmovement, to move away
গম্ভীরserious, deep and low pitched (sound)
গরগরexpression of anger
গরজি / গর্জিproducing roaring sound
গরবvanity, pride
গরবিনিf. proud
গরলরসপানdrinking poison
গরিবpoor, financially weak
গরুড়GARUDA, large mythological bird, large bird of stork family
গরো-গরোroaring sound
গর্জন / গরজনroar
গর্জাবেwill roar
গর্বpride, vanity
গর্বগঞ্জনcritical about vanity
গর্বভরেalong with pride
গর্বময়ীf. proud
গলbr. Gone, passed
গলদ্‌ঘর্মsultry and sweating
গলাthroat, voice, neck
গলাগলিintimate friendship
গলিfuse, melt
গলেaround neck
গ'লেmelt, fuse
গহনচেতনামাঝেwithin deep revelation
গহনপথেdifficult route
গহনস্বপনসঞ্চারিণীf. who appears in deep dreaming
গড়াconstituted by
গড়াগড়িfound in abundance, rolling over
গড়িto create
গয়িbr. gone
গা1. body, 2. to sing
গাই1. I sing, 2. cow
গাঁঠ1. purse, small bag used to keep money or other valuables, 2. knots on tree-trunk
গাঁঠকাটাthief, pickpocket
গাঁথstring a garland
গাগরিpitcher, water-pot
গাণ্ডীবধন্বাanother name for ARJUN (the Mahabharata)
গানsong, music
গাবারto sing
গারি / গালিrebuke, say bad words
গাহনbathing by submerging entirely
গাঢ়তমthe most dense
গায়েরpertaining to the body
গিরিকন্দরmountain and caves
গিরিগুহাপারাবারmountains caves and seas
গিরিশিখরcliff of mountain, summit
গিয়াverb form for - 'go', after going
গীতsong, music
গীত-অবসানcompleting songs
গীত-উচ্ছ্বাসexuberance of songs
Bengali Word Meaning
গীতগানsong, music
গীতগুঞ্জনbuzzing song
গীতছন্দmusic and rhythm
গীতমুখরfilled with music
গীতরবsound of music
গীতরসmusic that flows
গীতসুধাnectar of music
গীতসুধারসnectar of music that flows
গীতসুরsong and its melody
গীতহীনdeviod of music
গীতহীনাf. deviod of music
গীতিsong, music
গীতিকাsong or music that is not very rich
গীতিবীথিচরrover of musical avenue
গীতিময়filled with music, singer
গীতিময়ীf. filled with music, singer
গীতিহারাdevoid of music
গুজরাটGujarat, a state within India
গুঞ্জন / গুঞ্জরণbuzz
গুঞ্জনকল্লোলdelightful buzz
গুঞ্জনগানbuzzing song
গুঞ্জরতানbuzzing song
গুঞ্জরিত-ত্বরিত-পাখাfast and buzzing wings
গুণquality, excellence
গুণ-অরুণ-কিরণpink aura of excellence
গুণহীনwithout specific quality
গুণিরসিকসেবিতserved by people with high choice and excellence
গুণীperson of quality, pundit
গুন্‌গুন্ / গুন গুন / গুন্‌-গুন্‌humming
গুমোরvanity, false vanity
গুরুগুরু / গুরু গুরুsound of thunders
গুরুপদfeet of guru
গুলিsuffix to indicate more than one in number
গৃহকাজdomestic duties
গৃহকোণcorner of own apartment
গৃহছাড়াnot living at home
গৃহদীপevening lamp illuminated at home
গৃহদেবতাthe god who is mainly worshiped at home
গৃহদ্বারfront door of home
গৃহপানেtowards home
গৃহপ্রান্তcorner of home
গৃহপ্রদীপevening lamp illuminated at home
গৃহবাসীhe who resides at home
গৃহভরাabundance at home
গৃহহারাhomeless, abandoned
গেorn. let me (do)
গেঁথেafter stringing a garland
গেনুI had gone
গেরোdifficulty, jinx
গেলgone, done
গেহhome, residence
গেয়েafter singing
গোaddressing someone intimate
গোঁobstinacy, doggedness
গোকুলGOKUL, a place near Mathura where Sri Krishna was said to have spend his youner age
গোধূলিevening twilight
গোধূলি-আলোevening twilight
গোপনconcealed, secret
গোপনতমthe most secret
গোপনবাসীhe who resides secretly
গোপন-মিলন-অমৃতগন্ধ-ঢালাcarrying aroma of nectar of undisclosed union
গোপনসঞ্চারstealthy movement
গোপন-রেণুকাpollen so far concealed
গোপনহাস্য-কুটিল-আস্যconcealed smile and tactful face
গোপিনীmaiden woman of GOPE family rearing cattle
গোবিন্দদাস-চিত-শোহিনিdelightful to Govindadas
গোলকচাঁপাGOLOKCHAMPA, fragrant flower of Bengal or its tree
গোলাপrose or rose plant
গোলাপবালাbeautiful girl comparable with rose
গোলামservant, assistant
গোলconfusion, cacophony
গৌরবনিশীথglorious night
গৌরবরনbright colour
গ্রামvillage, range of sound
গ্রামছাড়াoutskirts of village
গ্রাসeat away
গ্রন্থিচ্ছদনunfastening a knot
গ্রহণaccept, receive
গ্রহতারক / গ্রহতারাplanet and stars
গ্রহতারাচয়cluster of stars and planets
গ্রহতারাশশীরবিplanets and stars and moon and sun
গ্রহদোষmisfortune, bad luck
গ্রহপরিজনassociated planets
গ্রহশশীplanets and moon