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words starting with 'ধ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ধ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ধটিkind of very short underwear for male individual or a child
ধ’রেto hold, long, along
ধনtreasure, wealth
ধনকোbr. assets
ধনজনwealth and influence
ধনজনমানwealth, influence and honour
ধনপ্রলোভননাশনeradication of desire for wealth
ধনমানেassets and honour
ধনরতনdifferent kinds of treasure
ধনীrich person
ধনুর্বাণbow and arrow
ধনুঃশরbow and arrow
ধন্দdoubt, confusion
ধন্যgrateful, blessed
ধন্যধ্বনিvoice to acknowledge or show gratitude
ধন্যাf. grateful, blessed
ধবলীname of a white cow
ধর্ / ধর'asking to catch
ধরhe who holds or possesses
ধরইলbr. hold, catch
ধরণীthe earth
ধরণীতলsurface of the earth
ধরণীধূলিdust of the earth
ধরণী'পরon the top of the earth
ধরণী-মাঝেon the centre of the earth surface
ধরহ[arch] asking to catch or hold
ধরা-অধরাthings that are achievable and not
ধরাতলsurface of the earth
ধরা-পানেtowards the earth
ধরা-'পরon the top of the earth
ধরাবক্ষেon the surface of the earth
ধরা-ভাণ্ডারearth as a storehouse
ধরাভূমিland mass of the earth
ধরা-মাঝেon the centre of the earth surface
ধরিত্রীthe earth
ধরিনু(I) have caught or held
ধর্মreligion, philosophy
ধর্মবিমুখunphilosophic, nonreligious
ধলোfair, blond (used ridiculously)
ধাইto sprint
ধাঁদা / ধাঁধাparadox, perplexing, puzzle, visual erroneousness
ধাঁ-ধাঁ-ধাঁইয়েexpression for untrained Tabla playing
ধাঁদনেparadox, perplexing, puzzle, visual erroneousness
ধাঁদিয়োto create perplexing effects
ধান / ধান্যrice, paddy
ধানে-ভরাfilled with paddy
ধাবিতsprint, chase
ধামsacred place
ধামারDHAMAR, a style of Hindustani classical music
ধারedge, sharpness of a cutting tool
ধার / ধারাstream, flow
ধারণto hold, to carry
ধার ধারবto be indebted, to care for
ধারাজলstream of water, flow of water
ধায়speed off
ধিক্expression for condemnation
ধিক্কারcondemn, strong disapproval, rebuke
Bengali Word Meaning
ধিক্কৃতcondemned, rebuked
ধীরslow, without haste
ধীরমধুরgentle-paced and delightful
ধীরমধুরহাসিনীf. who is gentle-paced and delightfully smiling
ধীরিslow, without haste
ধীশক্তিসম্পদtreasure of being able to think
ধু ধুadj. (often used in pair) endless and dusty like a field
ধুইto wash
ধুতরোDHUTRA, a typical shrub or its flower
ধুতেto wash, to rinse
ধুমnoisy celebration
ধুলাdust, dirt
ধুলা-অসুরmonster in the form of dust
ধুলা-ওড়াfull of flying dust
ধুলাঘরhouse made of dust
ধুলাপথdusty trail
ধুলাবালিdust and litter
ধুলামাটিdry dust and soil
ধুলায়-চলাsth. that travels on dirt
ধুলায়-পড়াlying on dust
ধুয়োrepeating a piece of song as in Kirtan
ধূ-ধূexpression for an endless and dusty field
ধূর্জটিDHURJATI, a name of lord Shiva
ধূলি-অবগুণ্ঠনveil of dust
ধুলিতলon the dust
ধূলিদলিতাcrushed on dust
ধূলিপতিতfallen on dust
ধূলি-'পরেon dust
ধুলিবাসdusty attire
ধূলিবিলুন্ঠিতfallen on dust
ধূলিম্লানpale with dust
ধূলিরাশিlarge amount of dust
ধূলিশায়ী lying on dust
ধুলিশয্যাbed of dust
ধূসরpale, grey coloured
ধূসরিমায়painted pale with dust
ধেয়ানthought, idea
ধেয়ান-ছবিyogi-like image
ধেয়েspeeding, sprinting
ধৈর্য / ধৈরজpatience
ধোঁওয়াsmoke, gas
ধোবারto wash
ধোরোto hold
ধ্যানthought, idea, thoughtfulness
ধ্যানগম্ভীরserious with thoughts
ধ্যাননয়নthoughtful eyes
ধ্যানভরেby virtue of thoughts
ধ্বনিতগীতmelodious sound
ধ্বনিছেbeing sounded
ধ্বংসবিকটugly as destruction
ধ্রুবperpetual, universal
ধ্রুবজ্যোতিthe beam of light which one can depend on
ধ্রুবতারকারpole star
ধ্রুবপদpiece of verse with universal lyric
ধ্রুবসত্যuniversal truth