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words starting with 'ঘ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ঘ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ঘটa small pitcher-like pot full of water used in rituals of worship
ঘটাto happen
ঘনthick, deep
ঘনকুন্তলভারvolume of thick hair
ঘনগৌরবdeep sense of pride
ঘনঘটাserious arrangement
ঘনঘোরdark and deep
ঘনঘুমdeep sleep
ঘনছায়াজালnetting of deep shadow
ঘনধারাthick flow
ঘননীল-অঞ্জনdeep blue kajal
ঘননীলবসনাf. blue dressed lady
ঘনপল্লবপুঞ্জtight cluster of leaves
ঘনবনতলেon the floor of dense woods
ঘনবরিষনheavy rain
ঘনশ্রাবণধারাflow of deep monsoon
ঘনসুগন্ধdeep fragrance
ঘনিয়া / ঘনিয়েto deepen
ঘণ্টাbell, sound of bell
ঘরroom, apartment, private enclosure
ঘরকন্নাhousehold engagements
ঘরভোলাhe who ignores the call from home
ঘরষfriction, conflict
ঘরের-ভিত্তিfoundation of a house
ঘাstroke, hit, injury
ঘাটpier, riverbank or seashore
ঘাতকhe who is a killer
Bengali Word Meaning
ঘামায়sweating, to make use of
ঘাড়neck, responsibility
ঘিরিencircling, around
ঘুচা / ঘোচাto end, to free, to eradicate
ঘুমsleep, slumber
ঘুমঘোরlingering effect of slumber
ঘুমভাঙাawakening from sleep
ঘুম-ভাঙানিয়াagent that awakens
ঘুমহারাdeprived of sleep
ঘুমে-জাগরণে-মিশাa state in between sleep and awakening
ঘুর / ঘোরdeep, stupefying, stupefaction
ঘুরপাকmoving around without aim or result
ঘুরিmoving in circular motion, roam about
ঘূর্ণাwhirling or spinning motion
ঘূর্ণিwhirling or spinning motion
ঘূর্ণি-আঁচল / ঘূর্ণী-আঁচলpart of clothing that flies away while spinning or dancing
ঘূর্ণিতালrepetative pattern of rhythm, rhythm that forces to dance uncontrollably
ঘৃণাhatred, curse
ঘেঁটেঘুঁটেdisorienting in the name of searching
ঘেঁষাঘেঁষিclose enough to touch each-other
ঘেরবbr. encircling
ঘেরাfenced, encircled by
ঘোমটাveil, piece of cloth to cover head or face
ঘোরdeep, stupefying, stupefaction
ঘোরতিমিরঘনcharacterised by deep darkness
ঘোরহৃদয়stupefied heart
ঘোরাmoving round, repeated or circular motion, moving without a destination, stupefying
ঘ্রাণsmell, aroma