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words starting with 'ঝ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ঝ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ঝ’কেexpression for something more
ঝংকার / ঝঙ্কারdelightful strike of an orchestra or a solo instrument
ঝংকারহীনcacophony, devoid of harmony
ঝগড়াquarrel, heated arguments
ঝগড়াঝাঁটিquarrel and more so, heated arguments and such things
ঝঙ্কারধ্বনিsound of a musical strike
ঝঙ্কারহীনlack of musical variations
ঝঞ্জনমঞ্জীরtinkling ankle bracelets
ঝঞ্ঝাচরণbehaving like a cyclone
ঝঞ্ঝারবsound of a cyclone
ঝটিতacting fast
ঝন / ঝনকclanking sound
ঝনঝন / ঝঞ্ঝন / ঝঞ্ঝনাclanking sound
ঝম্expression for pouring rain
ঝমকিexpression for melodious sound
ঝরexpression for dropping liquid or rain
ঝরইbr. dropping of liquid or flowers
ঝরাdropping of liquid or flower
ঝ’রেafter dropping
ঝরো ঝরো / ঝরঝরexpression for dropping liquid or rain
ঝর্না / ঝরনাspring
ঝর্ণাধারাflow of spring
ঝলিতglittered, flashed
ঝলিবেshall flash
ঝলুকlet it flash
ঝলোমলোbright, sparkling
ঝড়-তুফানstorm and gail
ঝড়-বাদলstorm and rain
ঝড়ে-বাসা-ভাঙাwho has lost its nest due to storm
ঝাউtamarisk tree
Bengali Word Meaning
ঝাউবাগানwoodland of tamarisk tree
ঝাঁকড়াfluffy and untidy (like hair)
ঝাঁঝালোhard tasting and flavoured
ঝাঁপjump downward, plunge, dive
ঝাপটিa quick but mild strike
ঝাঁপয়িbr. jump downward, plunge, dive
ঝারিwatering pot
ঝালাপালাdisturbing to the ears
ঝিdaughter, maid, house maid
ঝিকি ঝিকিsparkling
ঝিনিকিexpression for tinkling sound
ঝিন্‌-ঝিন্‌-ঝিন্‌-ইনexpression for tinkling sound
ঝিনিঝিনিexpression for tinkling sound
ঝিম্‌ / ঝিমিকিexpression for mild rain
ঝিলিকflash of light
ঝিল্লিঝঙ্কারcricket's call
ঝিল্লিঝনক-ঝন-ননconstant call of crickets
ঝিল্লি-ঝাঁঝরpercuissive call of crickets
ঝিল্লিনূপুরcall of crickets like tinkling of ankle bracelets
ঝিল্লিমন্দ্রেloud noise of crickets' call
ঝিল্লিমুখরnoisy with cricket's call
ঝিল্লিরবcricket's call
ঝিল্লিস্বরcricket's call
ঝুনুchorus of tinkling bells
ঝুম্‌কোলতাcreepers with dangling flowers
ঝুরুexpression for blowing breeze
ঝুরেlament, moan
ঝুলিopen bag
ঝুলনদিনa religious ritual of Krishna devotees to erect and set the idol on a swing
ঝূটlie, not correct
ঝোঁকbias, affected by some other movement
ঝোপbush, thicket
ঝোরাspring, waterfall
ঝোলাopen bag that is hung from shoulder