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words starting with 'ল'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ল' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
লইto take
লকলকেgreedy, ~ fire, ~ tongue
লক্ষlakh, ten thousand
লক্ষশতinnumerable, hundred lakh, crore
লক্ষ্মীLAKSHMI, goddess of beauty, lady with all good qualities
লক্ষ্যtarget, direction, to follow
লগন / লগ্নspecific time calculated for an auspicious job
লগাbr. to apply, to fix
লঘুrare, less dense, less importance
লঙ্ঘিto crossing, to pass over
লজ্জাshame, hesitation, shyness
লজ্জা-আঘাতshame and battering
লজ্জাডোরbounded by shyness
লজ্জাভয়shyness and fear
লজ্জা-শরমshame, hesitation, shyness
লজ্জাহরণthat lessens the sense of shyness
লজ্জাহারাhaving lost the sense of shame
লজ্জাহীনাf. shameless
লটপটexpression for something hanging without control
লট্ট পট্ট dangling precariously
লণ্ডভণ্ডbatter and crush completely in a frantic manner
লতাকুঞ্জarbour made of creepers
লতা-পাতা-ঘেরাencircled with creepers and leaves
লতাবিতানnetting of creepers, collection of creepers
লতার-হৃদয়ে-হারাlost within the heart of creepers
লতিকা-দোলায়swing made of creepers
লবto take
লবঙ্গলতাcreeper of clove
লবণপারাবারocean of salty waters
লভিto gain, to make profit, to accept gracefully
লম্বাচওড়াrobust, tall (~ talks)
ললাটforehead, fate
ললাটচন্দনsandal paste that is applied on forehead
ললাটদেশarea near forehead
ললাটনেত্রthird eye on the forehead capable of inner vision (myth)
ললাট'পরেover forehead
ললাট-মাঝেin the middle of forehead
ললিত1. finely crafted, 2. LALIT, musical formation of the Hindustani classical
ললিত-বসন্তLALIT and BASANT, two musical formations of the Hindustani classical
ললিতমধুরcrafted and delightful
ললিতাf. who has been keenly crafted, female name
লহ / লহোasking to accept
লহরীলীলাthe elaborate system of waves
লড়তেto fight
লড়াইbattle, fight
লয়1. destruction, annihilation 2. to take
লাগয়br. to appear
লাগালto connect, to start
লাগিfor, due to, owing to
লাঘবthe act of dilution or lessening
লাজshame, soberness
লাজবাঁধbarrier of shyness
লাজময়ীf. sober
লাজলজ্জাshame, soberness
লাজহাসিawkward smile, smile with shy
লাজানোto make shy or blush
লাজুকshy, he who avoids facing people
লাঞ্ছনাbattering, manhandling
লাঞ্ছিতbattered, manhandled
Bengali Word Meaning
লাফjump, leap
লাবণ্যbeauty, elegance
লাবণ্যধনtreasure of beauty
লাবণ্যলক্ষ্মীbeauty comparable with goddess Lakshmi
লাবণ্যলতাf. beautiful and shy
লালসgreed, severe hunger
লিখনমালাstring of writings
লিখাto write, written
লিপিscript, document
লিপি-লিখাto represent a written form
লীনannihilation, fuse
লীনাf. fused
লীলাlegendary stories embellished by retellings, creating leela
লীলাচ্ছলেdisguised in leela
লীলাভরেas an example of leela
লীলাস্থলplace of leela
লুকানোto hide, hidden
লুকিয়ে-ফোটাblooming while in hiding
লুকিয়ে-রাখাkept hidden
লুকোচুরিhide and seek
লুটloot, to occupy by force
লুট-করাill gotten, looted (items), merrily collected
লুটিto loot, to collect merrily, freely fallen
লুটিয়ে-পড়াgrounded, touching the ground
লুটেপুটেaccept merrily with childish innocence
লুটোপুটিchildish play on the ground of rolling, turning etc.
লুঠloot, to occupy by force
লুঠকরাthat has been looted
লুন্ঠিতlooted, occupied forcibly
লুপ্তextinct, that is non-existent
লুপ্তিনেশাaddiction to conceal
লুব্ধপবনfascinated breeze
লেখনরেখাline of writing
লেখনীwriting instument, pen
লেখনীলীলাembellishment of the writing intrument
লেখাwriting, lyrics
লেখাজোখাwriting, documentation
লেপিলthick covering, coating
লেহbr. love
লেহাbr. love
লোcalling affectionate ones by ladies
লোকmasculine person, world, jurisdiction of an entity
লোকনয়নvisibility of people
লোকভয়fear from society
লোকলাজshameful for the society
লোক-লোকান্তরacross different systems of world
লোকান্তরthe other world
লোকালয়human habitat
লোকালয়ভূমিland with human habitat
লোচনপ্রান্তcorner of the eyes
লোচনলোভন / লোচনলোভাeye-catching
লোটেto loot, to collect merrily, freely fallen
লোপto be extinct, to diminish, to drop off
লোভজটিলcomplications due to temptations
লোভালোto tempt
লোহিতred in colour
লৌহগলনcondition that helps liquidation of iron