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words starting with 'ছ'
Used in Rabindra Sangeet

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Rabindra Sangeet Shabdakosh. Meaning of Bengali words starts with 'ছ' used in Rabindra Sangeet translated in English.

Some abbreviations have been used as other dictionaries do. They are -

f. - feminine | br. - Brajabuli | sb. - somebody | sth. - something

Bengali Word Meaning
ছটাaura, radiance
ছটাকa little over 58 grams in weight
ছদ্মরূপdress of disguise
ছন্দmeter, rhythm
ছন্দোবন্ধনbinding of rhythm
ছন্দ-ডানাrhythmic wings
ছন্দমুরতিa form delightful as rhythm
ছন্দস্পন্দনpulse of a rhythm
ছবিimage, picture, impression
ছলকিsplash of liquid
ছলাকলাthe art of deception
ছলিby means of deception
ছলছল / ছলোছল / ছলোছলোsplashing (eyes, river etc.)
ছল'ছলিনীf. habitual splasher
ছড়ানোto scatter
ছড়াছড়িin abundance
ছড়ান-গুটনto roll out and in
ছাইash, of no use
ছাওলbr. cover
ছাইছেbeing covered
ছাঁদpertaining to character or form
ছাঁদিয়োrepresent in a form
ছাতিmeasurement of chest
ছাতিওয়ালারwith a robust body
ছানিয়েby means of filtering
ছাপিexceeding, in excess, overflowing
ছাড়্to leave, to spare, to release
ছাড়াwithout, devoid of
ছাড়াছাড়িlosing contact, separation
ছায়covered, shaded
ছায়াshadow, faint impression, shade
ছায়াছবিসৃজনcomposing of a series of impressions
ছায়াতরণীboat or raft that may provide shade
ছায়াতরুshady tree
ছায়াতলunder the shade
ছায়াতে-আলোতে-আঁচল-গাঁথাdressed in light and shade
ছায়ানটCHHAAYANAT, a raag of Hindustani classical music
ছায়াপটshadowy image
ছায়াপ্রায়like shadow
ছায়াবটshade of banyan tree
Bengali Word Meaning
ছায়াবীথিshady tree
ছায়াবীথিতলেunder the shady tree
ছায়াভয়চকিতমূঢ়terrified unreasonably
ছায়াময়ীf. shady
ছায়ার-ঘোমটা-পরাface covered with veil of shadow
ছায়ালোকেshadowy world
ছায়ায়-ঢাকাcovered with shadow
ছায়ায়-ফেরাreturn to shadow, respite from hardship
ছায়েin shadow of
ছায়ে-ছায়েwithin the shadowy area
ছিexpression for condemnation
ছিঁড়িto tear
ছিদলbr. with a hole
ছিনুto be
ছিন্নto snap, to tear
ছিন্নকুসুমসমlike detached flower
ছিন্নবাঁধনknot that has been snapped
ছিন্নবাসtorn clothing
ছিন্নবৃন্তdetached from holder, dropped (flower)
ছিন্নলিপিtorn write-up
ছিন্নাf. snapped
ছিরিbeauty (used while severely criticizing something ugly)
ছিলhas been
ছিয়েbr. expression for condemnation
ছুঁড়িয়াto throw, to condemn
ছুঁতেto touch
ছুঁলেif touched
ছুঁয়েছেhas touched
ছুটইbr. running
ছুটুকlet it run or move violently
ছুটাওmake it run or move violently
ছুটিleave, vacation, to run, to be in pursuit
ছুটোছুটিrunning around
ছেঁড়াtorn, snapped
ছেড়েto leave, to spare, to release
ছেদিto rip through
ছেলেson, male offspring, young male member
ছেলেখেলাchild's play
ছেলেবেলাyounger age
ছেলেমেয়েchildren, both boys and girls
ছোঁড়াগুলোyoung persons with ill reputation
ছোঁয়াওto touch
ছোট্to run
ছোটোsmall, little amount
ছোটোখাটোsmall sized
ছোড়বিbr. to leave, to spare, to release
ছোড়লিbr. to leave, to spare, to release
ছোড়য়িbr. to leave, to spare, to release